One Design, Two Budgets

rugHow many times have you seen the most glamorous, chic, modern (put your favorite decorative adjective here) room, but just knew the price tags on each item were going to exceed your yearly budget in “household items,” all the time—me too. Well the wonderful people over at Apartment Therapy have a nice little series called “One Design, Two Budgets,” and it is amazing!

Each post is a different style (i.e.: Classic, Luxe Bedroom, Modern Floral Bedroom, or Chic, Comfortable Sitting Room) and they find the these desirable pieces at ridiculous prices, only to find the EXACT same pieces (or very similar) in a penny pincher version!

For Example, this beautiful rug you can find at Dwell Studio for $798 or you can find it at Z Gallery for $499—your choice! So instead of drooling over pieces you think you’ll never be able to afford, search the internet for comparable pieces at affordable prices!