Not Just Another Star Tour: 3 Off-Beat & Unique Tours Around Los Angeles

In the City of Los Angeles, one thing that there is never a shortage of are tours. That’s right, whether they are walking tours, guided tours, audio tours or double decker bus tours, they are plentiful in Los Angeles and usually revolved around, what else, but celebrities and celebrity culture.

If you, or someone that you know, are looking to go on a tour, but prefer something a little more off-beat and unique over looking at houses that movie stars may or may not have lived in at some point in time, check out 3 of our picks below!


Atlas Obscura Tours & Events

This website explores the strange and unusual nooks and crannies of US cities and now also hosts their own events and tours! The Los Angeles area, for instance, has upcoming informative events including one entitled Anarchy, Altruism and Architecture in Barnsdall Art Park and another featuring a talk and tour of an abandoned hospital in Rancho Los Amigos.

Malibu Wine Safari

Big fan of vino and also animals? You’re not alone! The Malibu Wine Safari combines a relaxing wine tasting tour along with an exciting safari experience in the hills of Malibu! Sip up to 6 different kinds of wine while being driven through a 1,000 acre ranch filled with zebra, water buffalo, llama and other animal interactions.

Sunset Ranch

Seeing the Hollywood sign is one thing, but taking a guided tour under, above and beyond it on horseback is another! Horseback tours include both day and evening times, from 1 or 2 hour trips through the Griffith Park Hills to a half day dinner tour or a 2+ hour tour that also includes BBQ.