3 Small Things to Make You Happier at Home

While its true that many of us spend more time at work or out with friends or relatives than we do at home, why not make the best use of the times when you are at home by creating an environment that makes you happier? Here are the top 3 ways to feel less stressed and more relaxed at home.

  1. Make your bed.As easy as it can be to make your bed, it can seem like a huge burden when you’ve only just woken up! Still, taking a few minutes to tuck in your sheets and smooth down your duvet can create a feeling of comfort and security when you get home in the evening.  It can also give you more of a feeling of control.
  2. Display sentimental items.While some people may consider this to be a decorating “no no”, studies have actually proven that surrounding yourself with photos of friends or loved ones can aid in reducing stress levels.
  3. Spend money on items that cultivate experiences, not just stuff.Why spend money on things that you may not even need (or have room for) when you can instead create new experiences inside of your home? For instance, instead of buying another new lamp or really nice dishes that you may never use, save some money and purchase an in-home cooking class or wine tasting with friends.

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