3 Hands-On Cooking Classes in Los Angeles

We can’t all be Salt Bae, but if you are someone who is looking to improve your cooking/baking skills, impress a date or give a thoughtful, out-of-the-box gift, why not check out a cooking class in Los Angeles?

While many “cooking classes” actually end up being little more than an overpriced demonstration (because let’s be honest: you can watch those for free on Youtube), here are 3 hands-on cooking classes in Los Angeles.  And, a word to the wise: while cooking classes in Los Angeles aren’t in short supply, many tend to fill up fast, so be sure to book your class as soon as you find it!

New School of Cooking
8690 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

While offering series of professional and beginners level classes, the New School also offers one-off classes based around a theme such as Thai 101, Gluten Free Baking and Spring Chicken! Most one-off classes are held on weekends although they will be scheduled at times on week day evenings.

Various locations around Los Angeles

Once a local kitchen out of the Brewery Artist Loft complex. HC has expanded its locations to West Los Angeles, Orange County, Woodland Hills and even to areas outside of California! These hand on cooking classes in Los Angeles are for novice and seasoned cooks alike and center around themes such as “Healthy, Fresh and Zingy”, “J’aime, Paris” and “The Surprise Guest” which not only teaches you recipes that are quick and easy to prepare for last-minute guests but also provides you with the list of items to keep on-hand in your pantry should the occasion rise!

Saute Academy
150 E. Colorado Blvd.
Monrovia, CA 91016

How about recreational cooking classes that are for adults, but also some that are offered just for teens or for children? Saute Academy offers all of the above, 3-hour recreational cooking classes taught by graduates of Le Cordon Bleu and focused not only on the end-result but on proper technique as well.  Just some of the classes currently being offered include “Flavors of Cuban Cuisine”, “Sushi 101” and “Vegetarian Cuisine”.