Neil Shekhter

Neil Shekhter

Neil Shekhter, CEO of NMS Properties

Neil Shekhter is a Soviet-born American entrepreneur and business owner. Mr. Shekhter is the CEO of NMS Properties, Inc., a well-known real estate management company with mixed-use apartment buildings in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley. NMS’s portfolio is known for modern apartment homes in walkable locations such as Downtown Santa Monica, California. Prior to 2017, Neil Shekhter’s company developed its own mixed-use properties within Southern California. These developments featured distinguishing traits such as modern layouts, spacious closets, gourmet kitchens, stainless steel appliances, attractive tiling, and enticing fitness centers and lounge areas.

Mr. Shekhter’s desire to keep his properties modern with all of the latest amenities is truly evident. He consistently updates his properties with best and most modern features to keep residents feeling comfortable at their rentals. Recently Neil announced that NMS would be upgrading their fitness centers with Peloton cycles.  Sports Illustrated hailed the Peloton bike as being effective, easy to use and addictive while Men’s Health voted it as the world’s single best cardio machine in 2015.

According to Neil Shekhter, the onsite fitness facilities that will be receiving the cutting edge bikes include Wilshire Margot and Wilshire Victoria, apartments in Westwood Los Angeles, and their sister property, Luxe Villas, which is located in the neighborhood of Brentwood. Information obtained from the original press release found on PrLog.

Additionally, Mr Shekhter has recently announced that there would be impressive upgrades coming to his property at NMS 1539. The mixture of lofts, studios and one bedroom floor plans will be upgrading and replacing a plethora of interior details such as flooring (including tile), appliances, cabinetry, lighting and even the toilets.

Neil Shekhter, who is proud of staying up-to-date of the latest in technology and home design trends, made the decision to swap out the existing toilets with “smart toilets”

Neil’s unique story of entrepreneurial success has served as an inspiration to others who have come from other countries in hopes of achieving the American dream. His humble beginnings serve as a constant reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.