Neil Shekhter Donates Appliances to Not-for-Profits


Neil Shekhter NMS 1539

An example of some of the kitchen appliances being donated by Neil Shekhter of NMS Properties.

Neil Shekhter, Chief Executive Officer of NMS Properties, recently announced that several of the Los Angeles and Santa Monica apartment homes that they manage will receive upgrades to their interiors. One of the larger upgrades includes swapping out the current stainless steel kitchen appliances with newer and even professional-series versions.

A representative with NMS says that they are looking to donate outgoing kitchen appliances.  An entire appliance package would include a dishwasher, stove/oven set, refrigerator and microwave.  Any not-for-profit organization that would benefit from them is welcome to them.  The organization will need to prove their not-for-profit status and then be ready to pick the appliances up as they become available.

Neil Shekhter has said that the appliances being donated are in good working order and physical condition.  They estimate a majority of the appliances to be less than 8 years old.

Buildings receiving upgrades to their unit interiors include NMS 1539 and NMS 1548 in downtown Santa Monica.  Over off of the Wilshire Corridor between Beverly Hills and Westwood Village, Wilshire Victoria will also have appliances to be donated.

If you represent a not-for-profit that is interested in obtaining stainless steel kitchen appliances, contact Penny via phone at (310) 451-3500 x 221 or via email at [email protected].  If you are with an organization that can not currently provide pick up and transportation of appliances, but may have a need in the future, you can add your organizations name and contact information to a list.

This article was derived from a press release You can view the original post via PrLog here.