Meter-ology Report: Santa Monica’s New Parking Rates Now in Effect

As of October 1, the City of Santa Monica has implemented new rates at parking structures, lots and meters.

Watch where you park in Santa Monica new parking rates are now in effect! As of October 1, the city has new rates at its parking structures, lots and meters. If you’re a motorist who lives in one of NMS Propertiesapartments for rent in Santa Monica, or are expecting out-of-town guests, take note.

Among the changes, the on-street meter rates are seeing the most striking rise in cost. It’s now $2 per hour, instead of $1 per hour, to park at a metered space in downtown Santa Monica or at the beach. Elsewhere, it now costs $1, instead of 75 cents, per hour.

Prior to October 1, it was free to park for the first two hours at downtown structures. Now, it’s only free for the first 90 minutes, after which the rate is $1 for the next hour and $1.50 for each additional 30 minutes. Parking from 6 to 11 a.m. on Sundays, however, is still free.

At the Santa Monica Civic Center and the Santa Monica Public Library’s Main Branch, parking is now free, instead of 50 cents, for the first 30 minutes. Also, the daily maximum has dropped to $5.

As for parking lots, the rate on Main Street is the same: 50 cents per 30 minutes. However, the lots in downtown Santa Monica now cost $1 per half-hour instead of per hour, and all other non-beach lots cost 50 cents, instead of 75 cents, for 30 minutes.

Monthly parking rates have also changed, and beach lot rate adjustments will go into effect November 1. For more information, go to

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