Make Your Kitchen Count!

We are all busy, and the last thing anyone wants to think about is cooking more. However, we all wish we had the energy to whip up something fantastic and wholesome—every other night. But before you can do that, you need to equip your kitchen with some must haves.

  1. Citrus. Yep, citrus, it is great to have around the house; these little sour friends are perfect for garnishing and flavoring. Keep a bowl full of lemons and limes handy and your next cocktail party will be lively!herbs1
  2. Knives. You don’t need the entire kit, but only 4 really good ones: a chef’s (vegetables), a serrated (bread and squishable foods), a boning (filleting), and a small paring or utility (small cuts).
  3. Herbs. Harvest an herb garden (very impressive, and easy!). Keeping parsley, basil, thyme, rosemary and mint around will liven up any plate. Get starter plants (no seeds necessary) and just follow instructions!
  4. Cheese. Always great to have around, but make sure to wrap it in wax paper. It will keep it fresher, longer, and won’t make your wedges trose goldaste like plastic.
  5. Pans. Again, you don’t need the whole set. A 10”, 12” and an 8” non-stick pan is really all you need. High quality stainless steel ones may be expensive, but if you invest chances are you won’t need to switch them out for a long time! Plus they look chic hanging above your stove!
  6. Cookbooks. Keep a few simple and good ones on hand, no need to get complicated here.
  7. Cutting boards. Preferably two, a wood one for anything raw and a plastic one for meats.
  8. Statement piece. Invest in something really nice (and pretty!) like a beautifully colored KitchenAid! This piece will liven up the kitchen and become your center piece.
  9. Utensils. You really only need tongs, a wooden spoon, and a thermometer—and keep they close by the stove. Also keep cooking oils, pepper, salt and potholders nearby too!
  10. Rug. Purchase an outdoor rug—they are more durable and comfy to stand on.