Los Angeles Day Trip: The Best Waterfall Hike in Los Angeles

When you think of a waterfall, you may think of lush, tropical landscaping in some exotic destination.  But did you know that there are several waterfall hikes all within the Los Angeles area?

One of our absolute favorites is called Hermit Falls.  Easily the most impressive falls in the LA area, they are made for swimming, cliff jumping and natural waterfall sliding!

Hermit Falls are located in Sierra Madre, a city just past Pasadena, up a mountain and off of a picture-esque trail lined with old timey cabins and beautifully dammed streams. While they aren’t an insane tourist destination, the trail, falls and swimming holes get a little busy during the warmer months.

You’ll park in the Chantry Flat parking lot for $10 per car or park for free on the side of the road.  There are bathrooms by the parking lot as well as a small petting zoo and cafe with sandwiches, BBQ, sodas and beer!

Be careful on the trail as it splits into 2 different directions: Go one way and hit Hermit Falls. Go the other way and hit another great, but less large and swim-friendly pool of water and falls called Sturtevant Falls.

Check out YouTube for tons of videos people have taken while hiking, jumping and frolicking around the falls.

So grab your hiking shoes and sunblock and make your way to this awesome Los Angeles hiking trail! It’s a great experience and a wonderful time to “get away from Los Angeles” without ever really leaving.