Living Minimally

It’s hard not to hear the world “minimalist” buzzing around your circle of friends, or while reading articles online—but what does being a minimalist really mean? Is it just living in a small space? Is it throwing away all the crap you’ve collected on your coffee table? Or simply not buying the things you don’t need? Well it’s a little bit of everything mentioned above, but being a minimalist is a lifestyle, and a hard one at first.


Here are some steps to join this phenomenon that your hairstylist, manicurist, cashier, and heck probably even your mom has adopted:

  1. It starts with an idea. You have to believe that you are a minimalist. Ask yourself, can I be a minimalist? Do I really need to live this way or want to live this way? If the answer is no, go search the internet for how to become a hoarder—just kidding.
  2. Get motivated. Cleaning will be easier, you’ll start saving money with the crap you don’t need to buy, and you’ll be able to find things easier! Start categorizing your items into memories, necessities, etc. this will help get the process started.
  3. Create a plan. What will you do with the extra stuff you don’t need? Sell things, donate to a church or organization, you get the picture.
  4. Minimalistic thinking is easy. The idea is to keep things you need, it doesn’t matter if the items you hold on to are expensive or cheap, it’s about the fact that you need it and that there isn’t much of it.
  5. If you don’t remember it, toss it. If you’ve come across something that you forgot you had or didn’t recognize right away, toss it. If you’ve lived without it this long, you probably don’t need it.
  6. Really think about who you are shopping for, and why. When you are out clothes shopping, think about WHY you are buying that item. Is it because you saw someone else wearing it, or is it because you actually need it? Don’t shop for others, shop for yourself. You will also end up saving money when you don’t buy the things you don’t need.
  7. Organize, everything.  Keep things (how minimal it might be) in order.
  8. Clothes, when did you actually wear that jacket last? Those jeans that are too small? Give up the clothes that you don’t wear, for real this time.
  9. Live smaller. Now that you have got rid of furniture you never use, and “decorative” items, your place is probably looking a little empty.1511 m DSC_8766 Start looking for a smaller place, something where you won’t need a lot of items.
  10. Storage. Go through that too, get rid of things you absolutely do not need or don’t have space for in your home. Give up those items, if you don’t use them, lose them!