Living “Intentionally Small” in Our Santa Monica Apartments

Here at NMS Properties, we have heard many comments about our modern Santa Monica apartments in regards to their size.  With many of these beautifully designed, brand new Santa Monica apartments measuring less than 400 square feet, it’s no wonder they have been referred to as mini-apartments or even as micro-apartments.

But did you know that there is an entire movement dedicated towards living “intentionally small”? That’s right; people all over the world (mostly America though, as many other countries have already been living “intentionally small”) have embraced a lifestyle free of clutter and unnecessary possessions, living in a home that requires the least amount of time cleaning and at times, brings them closer to loved ones that they live with.

Check out the blog Intentionally Small and read about people who love living in these smaller spaces. As an added bonus, the blog also shows you how to better organize and decorate when living in one of these smaller spaces!

Feeling inspired? Check out our new Santa Monica apartments that fit into living “intentionally small” at under 400 square feet below!

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