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Apartment Leasing – 5 Myths about Choosing to Live in

an Apartment

A common misconception is that buying a home is the right decision for everyone. Here are 5 myths about why choosing to live in an apartment may not be such a bad idea.


Apartment leasing has not always had a good name. People tend to think that buying a home is the best option in every situation. That is just not the case. Learn about these 5 myths about apartment living and you will have a better understanding of how to choose where to live.


Myth 1 – You are wasting money by not buying a home, because you have to keep making payments.


Fact: You are actually putting your money to good use – it just takes a different mindset. Instead of thinking what will probably happen someday, you are focused on the foreseeable future. People who pay lease payments and people who pay house payments are both putting out money every month. What is more, people who end up remortgaging their homes or getting second mortgages may never see an end to payments. With a house, you do have a possibility of gaining equity and possibly paying off the house entirely, and that is an advantage to buying.


Myth 2 – A community of homes is friendlier than a community in an apartment complex.


Fact: People who live in houses on the same street often do not even know each other, especially in the city. Each person can go about his business having very little contact with the others around him. In an apartment complex, people share recreation rooms, fitness centers, and sometimes laundry facilities. They get to know each other better because they spend more time together.


Myth 3 – Homes are more luxurious than apartments.


Fact: That general statement is not valid because you cannot make that comparison between all homes and all apartments. Certainly, there are some very nice homes. Yet, luxury apartments can be just as lavish. Rather than making a blanket judgment, it is better to investigate several choices of each type of home.


Myth 4 – It is unwise to get an apartment, because it is difficult to break a lease.


Fact: It may or may not be a chore to get out of a lease early. However, it is nothing compared to trying to sell your home, especially in a down economy. Once you have bought a home, you are responsible for it until you find someone to take it over, whether that takes 6 months or 5 years. With an apartment, you know the limits of your responsibilities.


Myth 5 – Apartment living is expensive.

Fact: The actual cost of the rent versus the house payment might appear more expensive. The reality is that there are so many added expenses related to home ownership that it may cost you more to live in a house. After all, you are responsible for paying repairmen or purchasing the parts to do the repairs for yourself. You have to pay property taxes, which can be substantial for a house. All in all, leasing can be a cost-effective option.


Leasing an apartment may not be for everyone, but it may be a much smarter choice than you once thought. For more information on leasing apartments, visit Warner Pines Apartments website.