KCRW’s Masquerade Ball & Dance Party!

Where did summer go? If you are like me, living in Santa Monica, you are wondering when summer is coming… But that aside, I am already getting emails about Halloween!! However, this particular email caught my attention! KCRW’s 5th Annual Masquerade Ball & Dance Party. I am a sucker for anything masquerade—so it definitely caught my attention!


How intriguing does this sound, “from circus troops and costume contests to food trucks and ghost stories…Music throughout the 5 themed ballrooms…high profile DJs and live bands” I know, you are hooked too! Well luckily for us pre-sale tickets are available! If you are a member of KCRW you’ll get special pricing, however, if you are not a member, your pre-sale ticket will get you 1 year of KCRW membership benefits!

The Masquerade Ball & Dance party is on Saturday, October 26th, doors open at 9pm at The Legendary Park Plaza. This is a 21 and over event, pre-sale tickets are $85 for a limited time only—so go get yours!