Just Say No to Nails & Tape: 3 Alternative Ways to Hang Wall Art

Nails leave holes and tape can scrape! So what’s an apartment renter to do when there’s art to be hung and pictures to be displayed? Here are 3 top alternatives to nails and tape.

Blu Tack

You know that blue play-doh looking stuff that teachers used to hang laminated educational posters up with? Well that “blue stuff” has a name: Blu Tack.  Blu tack is a synthetic rubber compound, similar to silly putty, that can be used to attach lightweight objects to walls. There are similar products on the market such as including Faber-Castell’s “Tack-it”, UHU’s “Poster Putty” and “Sticky Tack”, Pritt’s “Sticky Stuff” and Elmer’s”Poster Tack”.


Washi Tape

Strong and usually wood pulp-based, Washi Tape is the Japanese alternative to common scotch and duct tapes that are known to damage walls.   Instead of adding Washi tape to the back of the items that you’re looking to hang, many people generally utilize the tape more as a frame around the item due to the diverse amount of colors and patterns that the tape comes in.


Command Adhesive Strips and Hooks

For heavier pieces of art, try out Command adhesive strips and hooks.  Available in various sizes and at reasonable prices, the most heavy duty hooks (with adhesive strip on the back) can hold up to 7.5 lbs of weight.  The smaller hooks can also be used on doors to hang clothing or jewelry or belts, mount routers to walls, hanging curtain rods and more! Various finishes are available besides white, such as faux chrome and black. More uses for command hooks can be found HERE.