It’s all about the LA living!

So you are thinking of moving to Los Angeles, well first of all let me tell you, it’s unlike any other city—there are no comparisons! Here are little pieces of advice about living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles!


  1. LA is a car city. Sure you can ride your bike to the beach, if you live near the beach. You can take the bus, but plan on taking the bus for a few hours. LA is not set up for public transportation…yet. You need to embrace the car.
  2. LA is the secret city. You really need to know someone to get on a list, or to even know about the best restaurant in town. Sure you could read city magazines and follow blogs, but knowing someone who knows what’s happening is key. However, you will constantly be discovering!
  3. As much as your closet looks like an episode from Sex in the City, LA is a jean and tee town, better yet a yoga pants town. People do go to the grocery store in their Lulu’s, it’s acceptable.
  4. We have killer Flea Markets, and we usually have one every week. We also have amazing thrift stores and vintage shops.
  5. You can always find fresh produce. LA is the city of farmer’s markets; Santa Monica has 2 a week! You’ll probably end up investing in a juicer too.
  6. You will always talk about how you got there. If you haven’t seen it yet, you better watch one of the SNL skits, The Californians, because it is true. It is inevitable that when you meet up with friends, the first 5 minutes will be about how you got there and what the traffic was like. However, you might learn a new secret route!

Los Angeles should definitely be on your list of cities to live in, if not visit. It’s great to try it out and get it out of your system—but don’t expect to make it on screen, every single server you encounter is hoping for the same thing! Looking for some apartments in Los Angeles, check out these!