Noise Complaints: Is it Just You?

Living in a Los Angeles apartment home, most of us have had those moments. After all, Los Angeles apartment life can be much different than just living in home rentals in Los Angeles; case in point, the shared walls, floors and ceilings!

We have all had our share of unintentionally listening in on our neighbors most private moments, heaviest of footsteps and loudest conversations. But what do you do when the tables are turned and suddenly your neighbor is inadvertently listening in on your most private moments, heaviest of footsteps and loudest conversations? And to top it all off, they have the audacity to complain to management!

When do you know if it really is you being too loud or if it is just a regular apartment noise and you have a noise sensitive neighbor?

Here are our tips for trying to keep the peace while getting a piece of mind!

1. Ask the Manager to Conduct a Sound Check

A sound check is when the manager will stand in the neighbors apartment and you will be in your apartment doing various things that are conducive to “regular apartment noise” such as vacuuming, walking around, sitting on various items of furniture, talking as if you were on the phone, closing a cabinet or entry door or turning on the television or computer to what you consider to be your normal volume level. The manager, who will then hold the perspective of your neighbor, will tell you when, and if, they hear excessive noise.

The manager may also check for noise stemming from the neighbors own apartment that they may have misjudged to come from you, such as loud or broken appliances, plumbing fixtures or rooftop fans. It may also be as simple of a fix as putting “coasters” under the legs of your furniture or investing in a rug that muffles footsteps on a hard surface such as wood or tile.


2. Check Yourself

Loud noises can stem from places that you never even imagined! If your neighbor complains that it sounds like you’re “bowling” or doing some other nonsensical apartment activity, check yourself!
Are you using an office chair with wheels on it? Put a mat under it to cushion the sounds from sitting and moving around.

Pay attention to what you toss onto the floor. Tossing down shoes or even a laundry basket onto the floor can cause a sharp sound to a downstairs neighbor.

Do you wear high heels? Carry them to the front door and put them on there. Even the lightest stepper can cause a nuisance to their downstairs neighbors when the heels click on your floor/their ceiling!

Are you an inadvertent “slammer”? Be aware when closing a kitchen cabinet or a bedroom door. Shutting them too hard can sound like the echo’s of thunder to even the most impervious neighbor!

Have you placed anything with speakers on the floor? If so, the noise will travel into other apartments. Anything with a speaker should be placed on a table or countertop surface!


3. Be Aware

Do friends or family members often remark that they can’t hear your when you speak or that your regular speaking voice is very loud? Does it seem like everybody seems to “mumble” these days?

You may have some form of hearing loss that is preventing you from being considerate of others. Hearing loss can result in you inadvertently causing noise nuisances to your neighbors, such as playing the volume of a television or computer louder than it should be.

Ask your doctor about it during a check up or poke around online for signs and symptoms of hearing loss. Some hearing loss can be reversed and your neighbors, friends and family members may thank you for getting checked out!