Inspiring Ways to Create a Summery Atmosphere at Work

Alright, so maybe this 80+ degree weather has been a little distracting for those of us that sit behind a desk for much of the day.

Stop gazing out of your window! We’ve put together some ideas on how to trick your senses into feeling a little more like you’re outside enjoying the amazing weather even though you’re stuck inside behind a desk.

As for those of you who are fortunate enough to be soaking up the sun while the rest of us slave away under dim florescent lighting, well, consider yourselves lucky!


Drinking coffee and water at work can get a little monotonous.  Try adding some refreshing flavor to your water like many upscale spas do! We found THIS great Pinterest page that showcases various types of flavored waters that you can make and drink at work.

Citrus and Cucumber Flavored Water

More of a coffee junkie? Get your daily fix and mix in some coconut milk or coconut flavored creamer for a bit of a summery kick!


Unless your office requires complete silence and won’t even allow you to listen to music on headphones, why not liven up your day with some happy, summery tunes? Or, if you require some pretty serious concentration, listen to the happy tunes on a break!


It’s a scientifically proven fact that your sense of smell is the most powerful in evoking memories.  To us, the things that smell like amazing weather include coconut oil, the ocean, a freshly mowed lawn, clean sheets hanging in a breeze and of course, bar-b-que! You, however, may have different ideas.

While your coworkers may not appreciate any smokey/meaty fragrances in the general vicinity, there are tons of candles and diffusers that come in the other mentioned scents.  Poke around at Target or any other store where candles are sold and you’re bound to find something enticing!


Don’t work at a desk facing a deluxe ocean view? Not to worry! You can incorporate some simple, summery colors into your desk accessories and brighten up the joint without becoming overly distracted.

We love the brightly colored accessories at See Jane Work, although there are plenty of them also on and even at Target!


This is one of the hardest ways to trick your senses when you’re stuck behind your desk. There’s only so much that you can do if you’re primarily answering phones, emails or pushing paper for most of the day.  We did find this one clever summery element on Bored Panda, although it may honestly be better to incorporate into a home office.

Still, for those of you in relaxed work spaces, sitting at your desk with your feet in the sand is pretty great! You could even just place a smaller tray of sand under your desk instead of setting your entire desk in the sand! Just make sure that you may a towel nearby to wipe your feet off with before putting them back into your shoes.