How to Throw a Halloween Themed Dinner Party

Do you love celebrating Halloween but are looking to do something this year that’s a little more adult oriented or a little more low key then mixing with the masses that crowd into bars or house parties? If you answered “yes”, then hosting a Halloween themed dinner party may be your best bet for spooky good times!


Here are our top tips for throwing a memorable Halloween Dinner Party.

1.  Decor

To throw a successful Halloween dinner party, you must first be sure to get the decor right. After all, how spooky is a dinner party if you use the same old floral arrangement as a centerpiece?

Chic and simple Halloween centerpieces!

While decor for a Halloween dinner party doesn’t require going all out, there are some very simple and easy ideas we love to set the mood.  Anything black, red and/or orange is Halloweenish in itself!


Still, we love the idea of hanging a festive Happy Halloween or Trick or Treat banner to the entry way and adding a few well placed “spider webs” around the reception and eating areas.  The table can be pre-set with a black, orange or red tablecloth.  Add place settings in the form of miniature tombstones with guests names on them and place either some candles or a Halloween themed centerpiece on the table and voila, you have transformed your place into Halloween central with barely any effort at all.

Floating candles for Halloween... Toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes and LED candles. So adorable and cheap!

2.  Music

Just because you aren’t throwing a raging house party doesn’t mean for you to skimp on the music.  Music sets any atmosphere, especially when it’s Halloween! Compile a playlist with Halloween favorites to play in the background regardless of if they’re Hipster Halloween favorites or more simple and spooky classical music!

Spooky classical music to play in the background of your Halloween dinner party

3.  Food and Drink

Just like with any dinner party, the food and drink need to fit the atmosphere. This said, much like with the decor, you don’t need to necessarily go all out, but you should have at least a good mix of Halloween themed food and drink mixed in with non-themed food and drink.


The easiest way to incorporate Halloween themed drinks is to buy or print out “scary” Halloween themed labels to tape or stick onto wine bottles or soda bottles like these cool ones above by That or check any Halloween supply store that will have the adhesive, pre-made labels.   Do not, we repeat, do not attempt to serve guests drinks with dry ice in them. While dry ice is festive, it is not meant for consumption.


Your Halloween themed dinner party menu can also be relatively simple while remaining festive! Ever heard of black spaghetti? For an easy and festive main dish, grab some black bean spaghetti or squid ink spaghetti and make as usual.  Top with any red pasta sauce and garnish with “eyeballs” aka whole green olives!

For even more ideas, be sure to check out the NMS La Cienega Pinterest page for Halloween Dinner Party ideas!