How to Throw an Epic Game of Thrones Viewing Party

Loyal subjects of the epic HBO show, Game of Thrones, rejoice; the premiere date for the new season in 2016 is only a few days away!

The new season of Game of Thrones will premiere on Sunday, April 24, 2016.  Like many other die-hard fans of this popular book and television show, you may be planning an at-home viewing party.

So how do you have the best Game of Thrones viewing party at home? We have pinned several ideas to the NMS La Cienega Pinterest page HERE, but highlights are below. Enjoy!

Food & Beverage 

There are a few different Game of Thrones themed cookbooks out there, but it’s not necessary to purchase one in order to plan a small party menu around the show.  The Game of Thrones food and beverage wiki page reflects the various kinds of wines, savory pie and cake featured in the show, such as Sansa Stark’s favorite lemon cake.

The even more detail oriented fan base has a really great collection of meals eaten on the show by episode.

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If you’re a fan but don’t necessarily have the time or money to plan a “feast”, stick with food and beverage while not actual featured in the show, stays with the theme.  Think wine ala Queen Cersei, plates of meats and cheeses, bowls of fruit and bread and beer ala pretty much everyone on the show!

For beverage, wine is always a great option, especially if you drink it ala Lannister in an ornate metal goblet of some sort.  For beer lovers, Ommegang has been releasing several Game of Thrones inspired beers over the past few years or so, including Seven Kingdoms and Fire and Blood.  Not a fan of beer or wine? DrinkLab has put together a huge list of Game of Thrones inspired cocktails by “house” that is pretty great.


While you can opt to ask your guests to dress as character from the television show, an easier route to go in creating ambiance is simply to utilize party decorations.  Now you may be asking yourself where in the world would you get Game of Thrones decorations and true, if you do not live in a very large city you will have limited options, thus we highly suggest the internet! is an amazing source of pretty much everything under the sun including some fantastic Game of Thrones banners,  adhesive wine and beer bottle labels, cake and cupcake toppers and so much more! has another good selection and so does the official HBO Game of Thrones store.  Ebay, as always, will also have a large selection.

For those who are craft, there are some awesome do-it-yourself decorations available via THIS super cool page and also via Pinterest!

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You can opt to play only music featured in the television show or you can alternate music from the show with regular day-to-day party hits, it really just depends on what you and your guests will like the most!  We suggest a good balance by playing only music from the show leading up to the screening and afterwards playing regular party music.

Happy Game of Thrones viewing party, everyone!