How to Rid Yourself of “Junk Mail”

While we may live in a mostly electronic age of mail, many of us still receive what seems to be mounds of catalogs, coupons and credit cards offers: junk mail.

If you’re tired of the pile up and the subsequent mass tossing of said pile up, why not join the movement to rid yourself of unwanted mail by signing up on a website or app that will unsubscribe you from junk mailing lists?

The Direct Marketing Association provides a free way to opt out of many forms of junk mail for free! Simply login onto and enter your information and they will automatically contact several big junk mail “offenders” and have you removed from their mailing lists.

Some claim that while utilizing will make a dent in the amount of junk mail you receive, it will not by any means end the junk mail all together.  If you want to get specific, download the app that will, for $2 per month, banish junk mail from specific senders after you simply submit a picture of it!

If credit cards offers are your main source of junk mail, the 4 main credit agencies in the United States, Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion, formed a website together that allows consumers to remove their names and addresses just from credit card solicitation lists for free via

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