NMS How to Rent an Apartment or House in Santa Monica


How to Rent an Apartment or House in Santa Monica


The rental markets in many cities are cyclical: a few boom years with renters scrambling for any available studio followed by a glut in availability. In either scenario, the most desirable rental units are snapped up the quickest. Do your homework, then hit the pavement.



Conduct the search

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      Be prepared: Create a renter’s re’sume’ with your current and previous five addresses and landlord phone numbers, your employer and length of employment, your current salary and other income, personal references, among other information. Include a copy of your credit report (see How to Shop for a Mortgage, Step 5). You want to look as good on paper as possible to stand out from other applicants.

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      Look in the newspaper classifieds, apartment hunter publications, college campus bulletin boards, and online for available units to investigate. Ask friends about openings in their buildings.

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      Consider how much you can afford to pay. A good rule of thumb is no more than 30 percent of your take-home monthly income.

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      Enlist a rental agent to narrow your search. Depending on the market, this service may be free (paid for by landlords) or cost you a percentage of your rent when you land the apartment.

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      Turn to a roommate service if you’re looking for cheaper space to share. Be clear what qualities you desire in a roommate, as well as types of people or habits you’d prefer to avoid, such as smokers.

Case the joint

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    Inspect the property carefully. If there’s any damage, you not only want to ask that it be fixed, but don’t want to be blamed for it later. Make sure such problem areas are addressed in a lease, either by your agreeing to live with it, or the landlord agreeing to fix it by a certain date.

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    Check out common walls (walls shared with adjoining apartments). The more walls in common, the greater the chance of noise from next door. Also consider a common entrance in terms of how much privacy you may want.

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    Ask about amenities such as enclosed parking or a garage, a yard, storage, laundry facilities, pool, tennis, gym or concierge services.


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