How to Make a Cross Country Move Less Stressful and Less Expensive

Moving can be a stressful and expensive experience, however, if you are someone who has ever moved across the entire country then you know that it can be twice as expensive and twice as stressful as a local move!

Here are some tips from those in-the-know on how to make a move across the country less stressful and less expensive.



1.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Simplify your move by sorting through your items in order to determine what you absolutely need to bring and what can easily be replaced instead of moved.

For instance while you may absolutely adore your leather love seat, moving it across the country may cost more than to simply replace it once you are settled. On the other hand, a painting that is a family heirloom may be worth spending the money to ship or drive cross-country.

Another example is to sort through your closet and determine what items you may no longer need and either donate or sell them before the big move.  Moving to Southern California from the East Coast? You are probably never going to need your collection of snow boots and heavy winter coats again!


2.  Consider a road trip.

When you add the cost of airplane tickets, cross country movers and shipping your car together, it will most likely be way more expensive than if you simply just drive cross country with a U-Haul storage trailer attached to the back of your vehicle, stopping every 10 hours or so to stay in a moderate hotel overnight.

We recommend first doing the math and then, if you have the time, considering making the cross-country drive/move yourself.  You can always make arrangements for movers to meet you at your destination and pay them to unload your U-Haul for you.


3.  Maybe opt out of boxes.

This may sound strange, but when it comes to moving items that are not breakable, you may want to consider packing in bags instead of boxes.  Why? Because unlike structured boxes, bags are flexible, depending on the content of the items, making it easier to fit more into less space.