How to Keep Your Apartment Clean While Having a Pet!

You know who you are, the “pet friend,” you don’t want to be known as that person. Your friends don’t want to sit down on your couch because they forgot to bring a lint (pet hair!!) roller with them. Let these little tips help you from being the “smelly house friend.”


  1. Invest in a good vacuum. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just good. Read reviews, especially ones that involve pets—do your research. If you have an accident prone pet, you might want to invest in a deep clean carpet cleaner, saves you from lots of scrubbing!
  2. Have a helper on hand. You can invest in a Roomba iRobot for those in between cleanings, but if you aren’t looking to spend that much money, you can get a dustbuster or a Swifter for hardwood floors. This will help out when you aren’t feeling like a good deep cleaning session!
  3. The catbox. If you aren’t cleaning that thing daily, make sure you are placing it that is primarily for the catbox only, like near a window where it can be left cracked open, or near an air purifier. Don’t rely on air fresheners or deodorizer alone, you will get use to the smell. If you can, invest in a self-cleaning box, it automatically scoops after the cat uses it!
  4. Pet health. Bathe your pet, brush its teeth (or give it a dental chew toy) and feed it a high-quality diet—a healthy pet is a non-smelly pet!
  5. Design a spot just for your pet. Regardless of where or what it is, create a spot that is your pet’s very own spot. Get a bed on the floor for your pet, somewhere where no one else sits, and clean that area weekly! That way, when your friends come over their clothes will be pet hair free!

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