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How to Find a Santa Monica Apartment in a Good Neighborhood

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Rent is a huge expense. It’s not the same as a mortgage because you have no equity and will get nothing in return but a place to sleep. Here are a few tips to find cheap rent when searching for an apartment, without sacrificing quality.

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    Finding a cheap apartment in a good neighborhood isn’t easy. Start your search early. If you’re thinking of moving and you want to save money, take a little bit of time each week to do the next few steps.

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    Do a Google search in your area for apartments. Depending on the area, you may have a plethora to choose from, or your may only find a few apartment complexes. Click through floor plans, internet only specials, amenities, neighborhood information, and price. Make notes of which apartments you like and their prices.

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    Start a spreadsheet or keep a running list of apartments, their cost, the benefits you like best (like free access to a pool or work out facility) and a rough estimate of the commute you might have to work.

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    Go to Craigslist.org. You may find owners renting out their condos cheaper than the cost of most apartments. You may also find that certain apartment complexes in your area are advertising special deals on Craigslist but not on their website. Add the information to your spreadsheet.

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    Read online reviews about the apartment complexes and the owners. A Google search of any apartment complex’s name will bring up a list of reviews. Take all the criticisms with a grain of salt, but if you notice a lot of negative reviews, this may not be where you want to live. Sometimes cheap apartments also come with slow or bad maintenance.

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    Visit the apartments about one to two months before your current lease ends. Ask to see all the apartments you’re interested in, even if there are multiple ones in the same complex. If they don’t offer you any special pricing or deals, ask if they have any current move in specials. This may be a free month’s rent, it may be reduced rent.

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    Don’t be afraid to negotiate. If you’ve found a better deal on a similar apartment somewhere else, let them know. Mention you’d be willing to pay “X” in rent per month if that number is lower than what they’re offering. It’s not a used car lot, but there is room to haggle.

  8. 8

    Before you sign any final papers, check out the neighborhood at night. Make sure you feel safe. If you see groups of people hanging out at street corners, on the playgrounds, or if there isn’t adequate lighting, take note of it. This is going to be your home, you have to feel safe.

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    Also, before signing, make sure you see the actual apartment you’re renting. Don’t settle for a similar model. Only a few places are shady enough to do this, but if you don’t check out the actual apartment, you may end up next to the garbage cans, next to noisy neighbors, or facing a busy road (making it hard to sleep.)


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