How to Decorate Lofts

Moving onto a loft or want to move into a loft but you’re unsure of how to decorate? Here are some tips from the professionals on common decorating issues that loft dwellers face.

Space Planning


People are usually perplexed by the lack of wall space in a loft. One of the first steps in making your loft feel like a home is to establish “designated” areas that are common to a home (i.e. living room, dining area, bedroom, etc.). Two of the easiest ways to do this is either with rugs or furniture. With rugs, you will want to get an area rug that is larger than the seating area, as to show the boundaries of the space, which “creates a room.” With furniture, bookcases, credenzas and other large pieces can create faux walls, or screens, hanging fabric or beads can also create the illusion of a wall.




3-resizeSome of the most complaints people have about lofts is the lack of storage space. Buy furniture that comes with storage spaces, like beds with drawers, ottomans with hidden storage, wardrobes, etc. Another option is to build shelving units on empty walls, or buying storage blocks and using them as a room separator. Also, just because you don’t have the storage room doesn’t give you the green light to start stacking things in piles, try to be clutter free.





With the gorgeous sky-high ceilings in a loft, you have a lot of room for creative artwork or furniture. With spaces like this, you really don’t have to worry about how large the piece is—it will fit. Incorporate height on an empty wall. On the flip side, a room full of large furniture will need a balance.





Lofts don’t have a lot of private spaces, more often than not the only door inside your loft is the bathroom door. Divider walls, or screens can create a sense of privacy—but you should understand before moving into a loft that privacy is limited.


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