Single and Bachelor Apartments in Santa Monica for lease



Santa Monica Loft Apartments

This studio loft apartment has many luxury features, such as stainless steel kitchen appliances, hardwood styled floors, and central heat/AC. All of the loft apartments have a bright modern look with huge soaring ceilings. Olympic Studio Loft Apartments is within walking distance of many local attractions, such as Ralph’s Supermarket, the Water Garden, and much more. Olympic Studio Loft Apartments is also located three short blocks from Santa Monica Community College. Call (310) 828-3636 to schedule a tour today!



Studio apartments are economical when you’re on a budget. However, many people arrive at a problem when they want to decorate their studio apartment in a way that looks nice but doesn’t take up too much space. Striking the perfect balance between style and functionality will make your small apartment feel more spacious.


Here are some tips to making most out of your budget:

1. Keep everyday items hidden away in drawers to save space.

Use items that provide a double function, such as a foot stool that has a lid and inside storage space, or small bookshelves that double as end tables. Each item should provide some extra storage space to reduce clutter that can make your studio apartment appear even smaller.

2.Large full-length mirrors maximize the look of spaciousness.

Place mirrors around the apartment to reflect light and make the space appear larger. Small mirrors can be hung together on the walls to make an artistic arrangement.

3.Stick with light and bright colors to keep the small apartment feeling spacious and open. Darker colors will visually shrink the apartment and can make it look dank.

4. Use room dividers to create the appearance of separated spaces and provide dressing areas and sleeping areas with more privacy.

5.Layer lighting, such as a tall lamp near a small table lamp, to create the illusion of depth and draw the eye to different levels of the space.