How to Create the Perfect Facebook Party Invitation

Let’s face it. The age of paper invitations has been on its way out for a very long time and if you’re someone whose friends are all on Facebook, you may not opt to send out an online invitation via an individual invitation website such as Evite.

So how do you create a perfect Facebook party invitation while working within the limited confines of the social media giants sparse event section?

First, create the actual invitation. Simply click Events in the left menu of your homepage and then select the option to Create Event on the top right. From there you just enter the details, privacy settings (if guests may invite others and who exactly can view the invite) and invite Friends.

Nest, set the mood tone that you want to convey to guests of what they will expect at the party. This can be difficult because Facebook doesn’t allow its users to customize the background, layout font type or color at this time, however, you can work within these limitations by utilizing the option to upload a header image and by use of a creative title for the event.

A Facebook invitation with no image is a dull one! With this in mind, select an image that not only conveys what the guest should expect, but one that is festive and fun. For example, a dinner party invitation might have a bright image of a dressed up dinner table. A holiday party invitation might have a funny vintage image of Santa Claus. The options are endless but be sure that the image is clear and eye catching!

Let’s move on to creating an attention grabbing event title. Let’s say you’re hosting a holiday party. Instead of making the title simply “Holiday Party” or “So-and-so’s Holiday Party”, get creative! Some alternative invitation titles might be “Ho-Ho-Holiday Party”, “Naughty or Nice Holiday Cocktail Party” or “My Gift to You: A Rad Holiday Bash”.

Keep the wording within the body of the invitation short and sweet. Open with a line that will set the tone of the party, whether it’s formal, casual etc. has a wonderful page HERE of wording ideas depending on the tone of the party. Skip repeating all of the same details that are already on the invitation, such as the address or start time. Instead, make it fun and focus on any addition details such as the dress or costume code, or what guests should or shouldn’t bring. Example “BYOB” or “Let me know if you can bring an appetizer!”.


Details that don’t need to be known until the day of the actual party should be saved and posted on the invite either the day before or the morning of the party as a comment so that they don’t get lost in the invitation and will be noticed by all. For example, where to park.

Lastly, speak with close friends or guests that you already know will commit to attending the party. Ask them to RSVP as soon as the invitation is up. The more guests that RSVP in advance to a party, the more likely others will follow and also RSVP and attend the party. No one wants to go to a party that no one will be at, or at least, looks like no one will be at!

Happy Facebooking and have an amazing party!