How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Get the Stats for Free!

Undoubtedly, one of the most important questions that a concerned future renter will ask a possible landlord is “Is this neighborhood safe?”.

For a landlord, answering this question with a definitive yes or no or sometimes even giving a round-a-bout answer can lead them open to liability if the prospective future renter moves in and later feels that the landlords answer was misleading or incorrect.

But why rely on the answer of a landlord or rental agent that of course is trying to rent an apartment or house to you when you can simply find out the answer to this very important question yourself? is a website that helps law enforcement agencies throughout the United States provide the public with valuable information regarding recent crime activity in their neighborhoods.

Utilizing ESRI’s advanced mapping engine, crime data is extracted on a regular basis from each department’s records system so that the information being viewed is the most current available. They even verify the data for accuracy!

Simply search by an address or zip code and narrow down the to and from dates within which you would like to view the information.  Crimes are narrowed down to specific categories such as arson, assault, burglary, disturbing the peace, drug violations, motor theft and more.

While Crime Mapping is currently available with information in most Los Angeles neighborhoods as well as the neighborhoods of several other states, it is not yet available nationwide.


Crime Mapping is available at anyone’s fingertips, however, it is important to remember that no neighborhood is ever completely “safe”. Even the “nicest” neighborhoods will still have some forms of crime show up and it is important to compare that neighborhood with others in the area in order to gain a better perspective.

When in doubt, you can always contact the police department which serves and protects the neighborhood that you are interested in moving to and ask to speak with a Community Relations officer.