Home Sweet Technology: Live in 3D Printed Apartments

If you’ve ever lived close to a construction site then you know the pain of loud building noises at most hours of the day as well as the nuisance of all of the dirt and traffic it can cause.

A Chinese engineering company may just have the solution to avoiding all of the above mentioned mess while building with recycled materials.  WinSun Decoration Design Co. has began printing homes with a special 3D printer.


In March 2014, WinSun printed 10 one story homes, each around a whopping 2,100 square feet!  In addition, the printing materials were made of industrial construction waste at a cost of only $4,800 each.


Even more recently their company has utilized the same process and built an entire five-story apartment building for Tomson Group, a Tennessee based real estate company.

You can find out even more details regarding the construction and design of these fantastic, futuristic 3D printed apartments and other buildings HERE.