Here’s How Much Your Favorite Superheroes Would Pay For Rent

While superheroes may not be real, they still hold a certain fascination for many fans.  With this in mind, did some research and put together THIS detailed article about how much your favorite New York City based superheroes would pay for rent.
Pretty interesting and includes some great infographics! We have included just 3 of the 5 superheroes mentioned but you should check out the original article to read all of the rest.


ForRent deduced that even though Spiderman’s studio apartment in Chelsea has an address that doesn’t exist exist except in Staten Island, Peter Parker’s $110 a month apartment in 1974 would cost $3,800 today.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones’ one-bedroom apartment/home office in Hell’s Kitchen is supposed to be located at 485 W. 46th Street. The apartment costs $2,600 per month.

Dr. Strange

The three-story Greenwich Village townhouse, otherwise known as Sanctum Sanctorum, is located at 177A Bleecker Street.   In real life, the rental would cost $3,600 per month.