Heat Wave? Keep Cool in Santa Monica Apartments with Air Conditioning!

Landlords of Santa Monica apartments love to tell potential renters not to worry about their new Santa Monica apartment not having air conditioning.  They love to say that because you live so close to the beach, you will never need to air conditioning because the weather is always just naturally cooler and that the sea breezes will keep the temperature down in your apartment in Santa Monica.

Yes, many people listen to this advise and move into their new Santa Monica apartment which lacks air conditioning.

While it may take a few heat waves in a row to realize, air conditioning in your Santa Monica apartment shouldn’t be non-existent!

NMS Properties has several Santa Monica apartment buildings and each and every one does list central air conditioning in its list of in-unit amenities.

If you’re looking to make a move to a Santa Monica apartment, don’t be fooled by the previously mentioned landlords that may try to “pull the wool over your eyes”; check out all of the luxuriously cool apartments NMS has for rent HERE!

Stay cool!