Haute House 8.25.14

1. Pinata Cake Pan

Feeling fancy or maybe just looking for a way to add a splash of sass to your baking routine? You’re friends, family members and party guests will be asking “How did you do that?” when they cut into your cake only to find a hidden surprise!

A special insert allows you to bake a hollow into the very center of the cake which you fill in after cooling, then “glue” the cake halves shut with frosting.  It really is that easy!

As found on Amazon.com for $19.

2. Mini Refrigerator End Table

Whether meant for a home office or any other room where having cold beverages on hand is handy without actually displaying a refrigerator, we bring you the mini fridge that looks like an end table!

Available in three different finishes, this is a fun and functional multi-purpose piece.

Available on ManTables for $449.

3.  VuVuVu Desk


If you’re searching for a stylish yet sleek desk for your home office, look no further then the VuVuVu desk by Italian designer, Emmemobili.

The suspended wooden space gives the illusion of a floating PC and keyboard tray.  Available in wenge and oak wood with aluminum trims, you won’t mind working from a PC instead of a laptop of tablet!

Price available upon request from Emmemobili

4.  Fuel Red Credenza

Add a “pop” of color to any room in the home with CB2’s Fuel Red Credenza!

Measuring almost five feet across, this red lacquer cabinet can be used for bar or kitchen storage, as an entertainment center, or even in the bedroom.  So many options, no little time. Regardless of where it’s placed, it’s sure  to be the focal point of any room!


Available for $499 via CB2

5.  Feu de Bois scented Diptyque Candle


Candles with a long list of celebrity fans, the Feu de Bois scented Diptyque candle makes any room cozy with the sweet scent of the autumn and a wood burning fireplace.

Grab a snuggle buddy and get ready for autumn!d

Available from $39 via Nordstrom