Haute House 8.11.14


1.  Organic Garden Table

If you live in an apartment but long for a yard to grow your own garden goods, long no more! The organic garden table is especially designed for those green thumbs out there with little outdoor space who want to plant and grow their own herbs, produce and/or veggies with up to 11” of soil depth.

Not only is garden space saving, but is great for those gardeners with back injuries!

The whole table comes in a kit with all the holes pre-drilled, making it easy for the average individual to assemble without tricky Ikea-like instructions.


Organic Garden Table available for $200.00

2. After Matisse Area Rug

A sharp way to add playful color to almost any room, this design by Sonya Winner features a hand carved irregular shape of overlapping shapes and colors.

The After Matisse rug can be made in custom sizes for $78 per square foot but is currently available in stock from the smallest size of 3’3″ x 3’11” up to 14′ x 16′.

After Matisse Rug Starting from $945.00

3. EZ Cat Window Perch

If you are the mom or pop to a kitty, then you already know how nosy and observant cats can be when it comes to looking out of windows.  Still, for those who don’t have wide window ledges or discourage kitty from being on the furniture, consider this EZ Cat Window Perch which allows your furry baby to observe in the comfort of their very own, cat friendly ledge!

EZ Cat Window Perch from $24.95

4. Magis 54 Bed

If you are also a big fan of multi-tasking furniture that retains a chic look, then you’ll love this gorgeously modern bed!

Say goodbye to the futons of the1990’s and hello to this comfortable and practical bed by Italian designer Bolzan Letti which doubles as storage space and a sleeping or seating piece.

Available on Fancy.com for $2120.00

5. Kalorik 2-Slice Glass Toaster

For those of us who still eat bread, why not start your day out without the frustration of burnt toast with a see-through toaster?

Made by Kalorik, this is the most affordable of the “see through” toasters on the market that also offer a sleek, stainless steel look.  Don’t keep burning your bread; watch as it toasts and get just the right shade and desired flavor!

Kalorik 2-Slice Clear Toaster available at Target for $64.00