Haute House 7.7.14

Today we present to you an ongoing series of weekly blog posts entitled Haute House where we pick 5 of the hottest and/or most unique and/or smartest home products or pieces of decor we find!

Here are our picks for this week. Enjoy!

1. The Cloud by Richard Clarkson 

As both a hanging light and audio fixture, “The Cloud” has certainly taken light fixtures to the next level!

Designed to mimic a thundercloud, you can change the color of the cloud as well as stream music out of its Bluetooth speaker.  In addition there is a feature wherein motion sensors are used to detect your presence and create a unique lightning and thunder show dictated by your movements. To see The Cloud in action, watch the video available at THIS link.


Available for $3,360 HERE.  Be sure to check out the other less expensive options as well!

2. The Big Boss Slice-a-Roo

Sometimes you see the weirdest products pedaled on As Seen On TV, but once in a while there comes a product that really does have value!

Introducing the Big Boss Slice-a-Roo. Great for vegetarians or those hopping on the gluten-free or Paleo diet crazes, you’ll be able to turn whole fruits and vegetables into slices, shreds and curls. Gluten-free or paleo pasta, anyone? Available at $25.


3.  Oslo Cutlery Set in Black Matte

Shiny silver or gold silverware may be a thing of the past! This matte black set of cutlery by Herdmar Portugal is a just the right amount of “something unexpected” to compliment your dining table at your desk dinner party. 1 place setting starts at $68.


4.  The Concrete Pendant Light with Repro Edison Bulb 

Looking to add a little more “urban chic” appeal to your place? Try the Concrete Pendant by Swedish based designer, NUD. It fits any screw-in bulb so to add in the vintage factor, grab a reproduction Edison light bulb for just $7. The pendant itself will run you about $100.


5.  GPS Doormat

In this day and age of mobile “smart” devices, who wouldn’t find the humor in this hilarious and adorable doormat? Available for just $25.