Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s officially October!

Not only does that mean that pumpkin flavored everything is back, but that it’s time to sort out your Halloween costume(s) for the year!

Halloween in Los Angeles is a little different from Halloween everywhere else. In LA, home of the creative, there are much bigger expectations. We have access to more costume shops, prop shops and professional makeup than anywhere else in the world!

So how to dress to impress and not show up wearing something underwhelming? Here we predict some of the top costumes of 2013, and, for those who would like to avoid the more popular options, some creative and unique Halloween costume ideas as well!

Top 3 Halloween Costumes of 2013

1. Miley Cyrus “Twerk” Costume (with or without guy dressed as Robin Thicke)

2. Duck Dynasty characters

3. 1920’s Costumes

Think Great Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire!


Top 3 Creative and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013

1. Lucky Cat

Either the more casual version in gold leggings and a temporary tattoo, or the more detailed one!

2. A Meme from SomeECards

There are so many different variations that could be done with this costume! Browse the SomeECards website for inspiration!

3. Government Shutdown Halloween Costume

Dress as a highly recognizable government employee or national landmark. If you dress as an employee, wear a sign that says “Need Work” and carry a flask and cup with a few dollars protruding from it, ala a not-so-politically correct hobo costume. A national park ranger can be fairly easy to put together.

If you dress as a national landmark, such as the Statue of Liberty, wear a sign that says CLOSED DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

Above all else, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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