Gifs of the 10 Kinds of Roommates that Are the Absolute Worst

Roommates: they can be a blessing when it comes to sharing the cost of rent and utilities but unfortunately they can be an absolute nightmare if your personalities clash.  Here are the 10 of kinds of roommates that are the absolute worst!

1. The Hoarder

Yes, some people have a hard time letting go of things…lots of things.

2. The Food Burglar

From “Oh, that was yours?” to “I didn’t eat it! Maybe you did and you forgot.”,
the food burglar never quite fesses
up to eating your food, even when caught red handed.

3. The Party Pooper

Some girls just don’t wanna have fun…

4. The Party Animal

…and others don’t know when to stop.

5. The Drama Queen/King

This roommate seems to always have some sort of problem with someone or
something and
doesn’t hesitate to talk your ear off about it.

6. The Slob

This is the roommate that never picks up after themself as opposed to…

7. The OCD Clean Freak

…the roommate who demands that things be unreasonably clean at all times or they
freak out.

8. The “Mom”

Yes, they will give you unsolicited advice but believe they’re really just being unsolicitedly “helpful”.

9. The Personal Space Invader

The moment you walk out of your bedroom they can’t stop talking to you.
If you’re in the kitchen, they’re in the kitchen.  
Also, they are the roommate most
likely to ask “So, what are we doing this weekend, roomie?”
however, they’re not
nearly as bad as…

10. The “Single White Female”

This roommate likes you so much that they start dressing like you,
acting like
you and may even try to insert themselves into your social life.

What kind of roommate do you think is the absolute worst?