Furnished Beach Rentals in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles, even if it’s only temporary, usually conjures up images of being somewhere within close vicinity of the beach.  After all, while most of Los Angeles experiences some pretty terrible traffic, you don’t really want to picture yourself in the midst of it; but staying in a short term rental in Los Angeles that is within mere walking distance to the beach? That is much more ideal!


If you or your company is searching for a furnished short term Los Angeles apartment near the beach, then be sure to search for furnished short term apartments in Santa Monica, home of golden sand, amazing walk-ability to shops and restaurants and the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean.

NMS Properties has a portfolio of furnished Santa Monica apartments for short term rental, all of the buildings being located within 7 or less blocks to the beaches and 4 or less blocks to the shopping, dining and entertainment hub of this beach-side city.

Santa Monica Short-Term Furnished Apartments

For information on the furnished beach rentals in Santa Monica, a westside Los Angeles neighborhood, contact Irina at (310) 656-2700 and let her know that you need a short term rental in Santa Monica!