Free Exercise-and-Spa Program Available for Residents of NMS’s Santa Monica Apartments!

Starting Saturday, all residents of NMS’s Santa Monica apartments for rent will be able to take advantage of an innovative new health program launched by NMS Properties, Inc. in conjunction with Santa Monica’s Tikkun Holistic Spa.

Santa Monica apartment residents at [email protected], 1422 on 7th, the soon-to-be-opened [email protected] and [email protected], and other NMS properties, can stay health-conscious by participating in workout classes and using the day-spa community facilities at Tikkun all for free.

Taking place the second and fourth Saturday of every month starting at 10 a.m., NMS and Tikkun will stage “Event Days” suited for all fitness levels. The workout includes a 10-minute run to the beach, a 40-minute effective bodyweight and calisthenics workout, and a 10-minute run back to Tikkun Holistic Spa, where participants can enjoy complimentary spa services for the rest of the day.

If you’re planning to participate, don’t forget to bring water, sunblock, workout shoes and a towel.

For more information and questions, please contact Tikkun Holistic Spa Community Relations Manager Woodie Hamilton at Woodie [at] tikkunspa [dot] com or 323.635.8483.

For more information about NMS Properties, Inc., go here.