Foodie Secret: America’s Most Popular Restaurant Has a 5+ Year Wait List

It can be an inconvenience to wait for a table at a great restaurant, but it’s doable.
It can be an annoyance to be placed on a wait list for a table at a really popular restaurant. 
But what is it when you call to make a reservation and are told that there is a FIVE YEAR wait?

For some foodies, it’s worth the wait!

Welcome to the most popular restaurant in the United States, Damon Baehrel’s Basement Bistro, a restaurant that has never done any formal marketing and yet pulls in an income of almost one million dollars per year!

Located in Earlton, New York, Chef Baehrel has owned and operated a very small, 20 guest restaurant out of the basement of his house since 1989.  Dinners experiences average about 5 hours and are priced at almost $255.00 per person (not inclusive of tip or beverages).

Damon works completely alone in the restaurant and only cooks with native and cultivated ingredients found and/or prepared strictly on his 12 acre property, such as his own homemade aged cheeses, cured meats, flours, vinegars, pressed oils, butters and breads.

His ever-changing menu features gastro delights such as cold frame Bordeaux spinach with wild dandelion powder, 6-Hour Sumac Chicken with sauce of “Rutabaga that was cooked in the soil it was grown in” & Carrot-Water Shallots and a desert with an acorn ice cream cone which takes and entire year to prepare out of foraged acorns and a frozen eggplant ice cream of sorts.

If you plan on visiting the Basement Bistro, be prepared to wait, flexible and patient because not only is there a  year wait list, but the Chef will be retiring before 2020.