Five Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

antlers and beads and vintage teal ornaments +holiday decor

We know that Americans throw away an additional five million tons of trash 25 percent more than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. It’s never been easier to reduce waste and celebrate the holiday season in an eco-friendly manner. Read on for our five tips for an eco-friendly holiday.



Remember there are always options for eco-friendly decor, from pine cones and cranberry garlands to eco-friendly Hanukkah menorahs.


Christmas Trees

Most Christmas trees you’ll buy in retail lots are grown in tree farms, not cut down from the forest. That said, the best choice is to use a live potted tree that can be used over the years or replanted. The important part comes after the holiday. If you have a live tree, follow your city’s rules for recycling it. For a faux tree, simply pack it up for use again next year.


Holiday Lights

Conserve your energy (and electricity bill) by decorating with LED holiday lights. They use less energy and are environmentally friendly.



The best gifts are experiences, not products that will end up in our landfills. Think concert tickets, gift certificates for dancing or cooking classes, donations to a charity in recipient’s name or membership to a local CSA.


Food and Meals

Buying locally grown food is better for the environment, and often tastes better as well. When you shop at farmer’s markets and the local section of your grocery stores, you support small family farmers, reduce petroleum needed for transport and avoid toxic pesticides needed to keep food fresh for long-distance transport.


At an individual, household and community level, it’s never been easier to celebrate the holidays in style while simultaneously being thoughtful about our effect on the environment.


From recycling centers to bike racks, we make it easy for you to live an eco-friendly lifestyle at our apartment homes. Browse our available Los Angeles apartments while the mulled wine simmers on your stove.