Essentials for the Perfect Picnic!

Looking for a fun romantic date idea? Or want to spend some quality time with some girlfriends in a fun and creative way? How about leisurely laying around and enjoying a picnic!  Here are some essentials for the perfect picnic!

picnic 2

  • First thing’s first, you need a good blanket! Get one that is large, thick enough that you’ll be comfy for hours and washable.
  • Splurge on the goodies. Get some quality dips and chips to enjoy this special occasion. Encourage friends to bring some of their favorite goodies too.
  • Pack the unbreakable in a tote, and keep the sturdy basket for the glasses and bottles—don’t want a picnic full of broken glassware.
  • While paper products are disposable, they tend to fly away in the wind. Invest in some quality plastic-ware; you’ll end up having more than one picnic this summer!
  • Music is a must. Make sure you bring some portable speakers to play your favorite Pandora station in the background.
  • Don’t forget games; bring a classic board game to engage a group of people, or to get a little competitive with your sweetie. (try to avoid games with paper or light pieces that could blow away in the wind)