Entertaining Small Party Games

Hosting an intimate party or game night is a fun and inexpensive way to hang out with friends. Apartment Therapy has some great ideas for crowd pleasing party games. We’ve added our favorites below!

Who am I?

Also known as Amnesia, this game is a great way to break the ice and make new friends!  It was also the game played in the Quinton Tarantino movie, Inglorious Basterds.

Cut out small pieces of paper and give a few to each guest. Each guest writes the name of a very well known person down on their pieces of paper, folds them up and then places them into a bowl. Pass the bowl around and have each guest draw a piece of paper. Without looking at the paper, the guest puts the paper on their forehead.

Each guest can ask the rest of the circle of players up to 20 yes or no questions in order to determine “who they are”. This game will keep your guests in laughs and suspension!

In an all adult crowd, the drinking version of the game can be played.

Wink Murder

Also known as Assassin or Mafia, there are various ways to play this highly entertaining game! Sitting in a circle, each player draws a piece of paper out of a bowl. One piece of paper is labeled “murderer”. The person who is the “murderer” has to stealthily “kill” off as many players as possible by simply winking at another player without being noticed. The player who receives the wink has to wait 5 seconds before feigning sudden death.

Before being “killed off”, the objective of the other players is to utilize their powers of visual perception by guessing the identity of the “murderer”. This can be done by raising their hand and saying that they have solved the crime. At that point, the game is paused and the player announces whom they suspect of being the murderer. If the person they accuse is the murderer, the murdered then has to confess and the player wins the game. If guessed incorrectly, the player is eliminated.

While playing the game, players may carry on regular conversation, however, there must be no talk or whom they suspect to be the murdered and are not allowed to throw the game off by winking at the other players.

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