Don’t Be Basic: 3 Tips for Stepping Up Your Picnic Game

While the rest of the country gets bombarded by snow, freezing rain and ice cold wind, Los Angeles remains a relatively warm place to be because, c’mon, if your “winter” apparel basically consists of throwing a sweatshirt or light jacket on over your regular clothing, then you aren’t really experiencing a real winter!

Because of the superb weather, it’s easy to dine al-fresco in Los Angeles all year-round.  Here are 3 easy ways to step up your game for a less than basic picnic. Enjoy!

  1. The Decor

    Just because you’re outside in a hopefully, picturesque area, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort when it comes to additional visuals that will positively impact the experience.  So how do you “decorate” when you’re most likely eating on a picnic bench or sitting cross legged on a blanket?

    Untitled design (2)

    Start with some cute or colorful plates, napkins and plasticware.  You don’t have to spend a fortune; any Target or 99 Cent Store will have a variety of these items at inexpensive prices.  If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly, pack up your reusable dishes and utensils, but be prepared to bag up the dirty dishes to bring home and wash.

    Secondly, you can select an equally fun or colorful tablecloth or blanket for you and your guests to sit on or to use as a tablecloth if you’ll be seated at a picnic table. A fun print or bright color can make everything on top of it really “pop”!

    Last of all, you can add other decorative touches to your picnic area such as balloons and/or small buckets or mason jars of flowers.

  2. Mood Music

    With the invention of blue tooth came a handy opportunity to play music anywhere at any time.  Charge up your blue tooth speaker and put together a playlist of mood music to play lightly in the background for guests.  Just be sure that your volume is reasonable so as not to disturb other nearby picnickers.

  3. Not-So-Unfancy Food

    One of the nice things about hosting a picnic is that you get to keep the food more simple than if you were hosting a traditional, indoor dinner party! So how can keep your food simple without being “basic”?

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    Sure, you could prepare a super fancy spread that includes artisan and locally sourced everything, or, you could keep your picnic foods simple but nicely presented. For instance, instead of putting out a bowl of pasta salad, why not make easy pasta skewers with dipping sauce instead? Or, for a fresh take on plain picnic sandwiches, why not pre-make sandwiches on small rolls and secure with a decorative toothpick?

    Hosting a potluck picnic? Don’t place restrictions for guests on how they should present their food, but do be sure to remind them to bring any necessary serving utensils for their dishes.