Does the Internet Make Me Look Fat? The Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology.

The internet is abuzz this morning after an announcement made by Google to unveil wearable Android devices, such as an Android wristwatch with internet, which seems to be their product closest to mass production.

Google says their wearable collection will “show you info and suggestions you need, right when you need them. The wide variety of Android applications means you’ll receive the latest posts and updates from your favorite social apps, chats from your preferred messaging apps, notifications from shopping, news and photography apps, and more.”

While it may be a wave to ride into the future on, wearable technology isn’t exactly a new concept anymore; fashion weeks and conventions dedicated to wearable technology such as Fashion Tech Week, the Wearable Computing Conference and the Wearable Tech Convention which is held in both Japan and New York City, are already somewhat commonplace.

The average person can easily purchase wearable technology such as sunglasses that incorporate an HD recording device, gloves that incorporate Bluetooth technology and yes, there is already an Android enabled SmartWatch by Sony.  The only question is, would you even want to wear your technology?

We found THIS article on Neon Goldfish, which discusses the pros and cons of wearable technology in length, but have come up with a shorter version of our own. Here is a short list of the pros and cons for wearable technology.


  • You’ll be less likely to drop your technology (i.e. cellular device) into the toilet.
    Yes, having an accessory or article of clothing with smart phone capabilities fastened to your person means less likelihood of an accidental misplacement.  As long as you are actually wearing your device, the chances of dropping your technology in water or it being smashed on the ground are slim to none.  Also, you’ll be less likely to misplace said device (e.g., it slipping out of your pocket or purse and ending up in the back of taxi cab).

  • You’ll have access to more immediate information.
    There are times when you don’t need your info or updates at warp speed, but there are also times when you do.  Take, for instance, walking around a bustling city that you’re not familiar with, especially within one where you don’t speak the language! Wearable fashion with GPS technology, such as the Navigate Jacket, can advise you where to go while you’re moving by buzzing your shoulders to alert you which direction to go in order to reach your destination. No more staring at your cell phone and accidentally bumping into other people!
  • Your hands will be much, much freer.
    Wearing your technology will allow you to hold onto the steering wheel, your loved ones hand or food or beverage much easier than if you rely on a mobile device or computer for information.  Say you’re cooking and need to follow a recipe.  Wearing technology such as Google Glasses will allow you to see both the recipe and what you’re doing at the same time plus keep your hands free to actually make the dish you’re focusing on.


  • It may inadvertently cause you to be a more stressed or depressed individual.
    It’s already hard enough to “unplug” long enough from technology to enjoy the simpler things in life and rest your eyes and mind, but there are actually studies and articles that have concluded that stress and depression can be linked to the over-usage of certain forms of technology.  Too much information too fast can cause anxiety and stress.  For example, there is some stress caused by hearing an alert go off on your phone or computer that indicates you have a new work email on your day off, but say you are wearing technology such as Google Glasses or a Smart Watch and not only hear the alert but have to see it immediately as well.  Depending on what you wear, you may not be able to control when you obtain information as well when it is instantaneously visually transmitted to you.
  • Wearable technology may be less versatile than non-wearable technology.
    As the article from Neon Goldfish points out, wearable tech can do plenty that standard smartphones and tablets can’t do, but they also have some pretty serious limitations. An example they give is that you may be able to read incoming messages on a Smart Watch, but you aren’t able to quickly draft an outgoing one.  Even if you could, the screen is very small and composing an email audibly is not always an option if it contains information you don’t want to broadcast for others to hear.
  • Wearable technology can be expensive and unnecessary.
    Depending on what you are using it for, some forms of wearable technology are unnecessary expenses and already exist in another capacity.  What we mean by this is say, why would you need to wear something that can communicate information to you while keeping your hands free when we already have Bluetooth devices in our ears that can audibly relay information to us and for a lot less money. Unless you are utilizing wearable technology solely for bragging rights, the necessity and cost justification may really just depend on what kind of technology you would be wearing and why.
  • Wearable technology may just not be your “style”.
    There aren’t many people who can honestly say that they don’t care what they wear each day or feel that what they wear in some way expresses their individual personality.  Until wearable technology becomes super diverse in design, you may just find pieces of it to be, while functional, downright ugly or unappealing.  Not only that but say you have a jacket with GPS, do you really want to wear the exact same one every single day while exploring a new city with friends?

We can hypothesize all day long about the pros and cons of wearable technology, but when it comes right down to it, the real pros and cons won’t surface until you have personally tried and tested various pieces.

After all, there are still people who feel like having a cell phone with the internet access is unnecessary while a majority of users can’t imagine not having it.

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