Do You Need a Digital Detox?

Are you addicted to your digital world? When was the last time you put down your phone, and didn’t have the urge to check it for any notifications? That’s what we thought—not to point any fingers! We are here to provide you with some basic ways to get a hold of your addiction and give yourself a digital detox!

You need to take a break, give yourself some space. People are so reliant on their interconnectedness these days, that it really has become a problem to separate ourselves from our devices. What we need to do is create boundaries, “online-free” zones, like the car, making dinner, even your bed.


Don’t sleep next to your phone; buy an alarm clock! According to a poll conducted by Qualcomm, 50% of Americans sleep directly next to their phone. Your brain is associating your bed, a place of rest and rejuvenation, with productivity.

Refrain from emails/social media until after your morning routine. If the first thing you do in the morning is check your Facebook or Instagram, or you are responding to emails, you are more than likely creating a sense of urgency first thing. Wait until after you get ready and eat breakfast to check in with the night activities.

Skip the constant at-work Facebooking. Studies show that taking a small break from work to check Facebook or other social media sites actually promotes activity (healthier version to the smoke break), however this only means checking in as a treat, not to keep tabs constantly. Keeping your window browser open to your Facebook page makes it tempting to check in with what happening constantly—which we all know you probably aren’t missing out on much! Use Facebook checking in as a treat when at work.

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