Do you have a 10 year plan?

How many times have you asked yourself “What am I doing with my life?” or “Am I on the right path?” If your answer is daily, well then let us help you write out your 10 year vision—kind of sound scary, huh? Searching outwardly for these answers has only created more frustration and has left us frustrated and confused. We must inquire within. We need to access the part of us inside that is quietly waiting for us to sit still and listen. Envisioning your life and how you want to feel in it is the best way to find clarity and confidence in who you are and your plan.

10 year plan

So, where do you start?

  1. Make time – seriously, carve time out of your schedule to ensure you will have no interruptions so you can hear what your inner voice has to say.
  2. Set the mood – whether you like to sit in silence, or jam out during this experience is up to you, but create an environment where you feel at peace and comfortable.
  3. Pick a process – there are a few different ways in doing this. You can write a letter about who you are 10 years from now, include who you feel like, who you are with, what you are doing. Make sure you fill up at least one page of insightful information. You can pretend to be someone else writing a letter about you, what do you want them to say about you are 10 years from now? You can create a vision board, post things that you want in your life 10 year from now—where are you, who are you with? Whatever comes to mind.
  4. Let it flow – try not to sensor yourself, just keep your mind going. If you get stuck, try answering some of these questions.
  5. Fix it later – resist the urge to make it perfect or to judge what comes out. You can come back to it later to edit.
  6. Print, and share it – make this pretty, something you want to look at and share with people.
  7. Set your goals – now that you have your vision, look for where you can create goals. Here is an amazing worksheet created by Lulu Lemon to help you set goals!