DIY Cleaning Spray Made of 3 Common Products

Look under your kitchen cabinet or wherever you may store your household cleaning products.  How many bottles and sprays do you own? If you could calculate how much you’ve spent on your cleaning products, how much do you think that you’ve shelled out?

Here we show you how to make a super simple household cleaning spray out of 3 products that you most likely already have at home.  Best of all, the spray is non-toxic (although it should obviously not be ingested and kept away from eyes) and can be used to clean most surfaces including mirrors, light colored counter tops and other surfaces that you might regularly clean with a bleach-like product, including white clothing!

To make a quart of this easy homemade spray, simply combine the following “ingredients” into 1 spray bottle.  It will last up to 3 months if stored in a dark area.

lemon cleaner

2 cups hydrogen peroxide (3% solution)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cups water

If the odor is a little too strong for your home and you do not want to wait the few hours for it to dissapate, add 10 drops of an essential oil to the mixture, such as lemon.