Creative Home Office Space

Don’t have an extra room for your home office? No worries! Create a workspace in your home with these creative ideas:

Room with a view? Put a desk in front of the window for some natural light, and put matching furniture, like a bookcase in the corner. If your desk is white lacquer, make sure the bookcase is too—that way things look seamless.

Simple pieces. Sometimes all you need is a simple desk, chair and floating shelves.

floating shelf desk

Empty corner? Create a incognito space in your living room corner with a simple table, chair and a few floating shelves.

Multi-function desk. An armoire can function as a storage space for your china, and be a useful spot to get some work done.


Long hallway? Set up shop in a long hallway (that’s not too narrow) by propping a desk and a slim seat (like a stool) against the wall.

hallway desk

Working together? If you are working side-by-side with someone, stay consistent in color scheme and furniture, but add your own individual personality.

side-by-side desk