Commercial Real Estate for Rent in Los Angeles

NMS Properties is known primarily for being a multi-residential and mixed use housing development and management company in LA, but did you know that we also own and manage several commercial spaces for rent in Los Angeles?

NMS Studios is by far the largest building in the portfolio with commercial real estate for rent in Los Angeles.  These Santa Monica office spaces for rent are also at times suitable for post-production, retail and other uses as well.  A creative compound of Santa Monica commercial rentals, this location is truely unique and eclectic; perfect for those that want more than a “little white box” of Santa Monica commercial space!

Our other, smaller commercial real estate rentals in Los Angeles are scattered from downtown Santa Monica all of the way to North Hollywood.  They include an auto bay rental in North Hollywood, warehouse rentals in Santa Monica and Santa Monica retail space for rent in highly trafficked areas.

For more information on our commercial real estate for rent in Los Angeles, contact the NMS commercial leasing office at (310) 453-5046.