Car Lanes, Bike Lanes and…Walking and Texting Lanes?

We’ve all bared witness to the individual who can’t seem to put down their smart phone long enough to walk down the street.  Yes, these people are busy multi-taskers who, like it or not, choose to text and walk at the same time.

Chongqing City, located in China, discovered that texting and walking was turning into such a safety hazard that they decided to open the worlds first texting and walking lane!

While a spokesperson for the district’s property management company admits that while the lane was satirical in nature, it actually does cut down on collisions in a heavily tourist populated area of the city.


The “lane” is basically a  sidewalk that is divided into halves – one labeled ‘cell phones, walk at your own risk’ and the other marked ‘no cell phones’.

The inspiration for the districts ‘texting and walking’ lane came from a National Geographic experiment conducted in Washington D.C. in a TV series called Mind Over Masses.